Whether your organization is in the heart of a major city or beyond terrestrial communications, XtremeSat managed service delivers reliable, affordable, and scalable Satellite Internet and Voice connectivity. When congestion increases, tower sites fail, grid power is offline, or you are simply out of range - satellite and solar power options prove to be a truly reliable backup or primary connection to the outside world.

XtremeSat specializes in all aspects of satellite powered communication. With easy to configure equipment packages and 24.7.365 support. We can outfit anything from a single site up to, muti-site enterprise applications. We pride ourselves on developing customized solutions with virtually limitless applications.

In addition, XtremeSat can outfit both stationary and mobile applications providing our clients access to centralized communication stations, for temporary or permament office locations. Furthermore, we have several additional layers of service and equipment from satellite phones to mobile hotspots as well as a number of unique deployable backup solar power options.


Discover the benefits of XtremeSat

  • Dedicated or Shared Bandwidth
  • Scalable Capacity
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Flexible usage plans
  • Business class service
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Denver network operations center
  • Redundant power, RF chains, and internet backbones
  • Rental Options available
  • Partnership Opportunities

XtremeSat's IP over Satellite platform provides fast, reliable service across the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Caribbean Islands, Canada, and Mexico. With a low client contention ratio, you have priority in the sky and on the ground.

XtremeSat's high-speed satellite service delivers IP access instantly regardless of the local infrastructure or location. It can support a single user, and we have the power and flexibility to support large nomadic networks. Our communication links can be set up anywhere be it on a roof-top, mountainside, or the middle of the desert, making it an ideal choice compared to legacy satellite, microwave, and terrestrial services. XtremeSat's service is ideal for Disaster Recovery operations, First Responders, Remote Tower Sites, Energy Companies, Financial, Healthcare, and anyone in between who's business demands reliable Internet communication.


Fixed Site Satellite Internet/Voice

Ideal primary or backup solutions for fixed locations where traditional land or cellular based connections are not available or reliable.


Financial Services

Remote Site Monitoring

Audio Transmitter Backup

High-Security Environments

Remote Housing and Offices

Construction Sites

Mining, Oil & Gas Drilling

Hospital and Healthcare


 Mobile Satellite Internet/Voice

For Operations on the Move - Quick Deploy and Auto Aligning antenna systems provide easy access to reliable internet and voice.  Antennas can be ground based or mounted to trailers, mobile command centers, and vehicles.

Disaster Recovery Operations

Fire and Rescue

Border Security

Insurance Claim Centers

Remote News Gathering

Outdoor Events

Defense and Homeland Security


Satellite Phone Service

Maintain voice, text and data connections world-wide with hand hand and hotspot Satellite Phone Service.  A wide range of products and service levels provide reliable service when out of cellular range or in disaster situations.

Police, Fire and Rescue

Business Continuity

Field Operations

Remote Adventure Activities

Nautical Travel


 Support Services

XtremeSat is suppored 24.7.365 by our highly trained support and engineering team.  All support is handled by our Denver, Co based Network Operations Center.

Performance Monitoring

Fault Resolution

Uplink Signal Optimization

Configuration, Provisioning & Phone Support

In-Stock Equipment Replacement



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Oil and Gas

Emergency Response

Remote Site Monitoring


Government & Military



Disaster Recovery



Live Events


Defense & Homeland Security


Temporary Office + Housing

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